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New Updates!

By [Owner] denireilly a - Posted Mar 13, 19

New Core Update

ok so we have added the latest update for the core, this includes fixes for the Sell All button and some other bug fixes Kit Gui We have also added the new kit Gui, this is a very useful tool to view kits, preview kits, and to check the time left on the kits. Do /kit to check it out!


Kit preview


Sell All button

ok, so the sell all button needs a little explaining So if you aren't in any category and you click the sell all button it will sell EVERYTHING in your inventory to the store and send you the money for it If you are just looking to sell a particular category of items just go to that category and then click the sell all button in the category!

Sell all

Sell all Category

Completed Sell all

Thanks, eddy!